Monday, 8 August 2011

Waverley Abbey

Waverley Abbey


This was my first trip to the Abbey...
On my map, I had noticed Waverly abbey a while ago. A significant ruin held by English Heritage, it didnt match up with any previously plotted energy lines, but in close proximaty to a holy well, which ran from a cave so it seemed like a good place to dowse. We decided to go to the abbey first as we had absolutely no idea where the well was only that it was close so we would have unbiased results, if the energy shared both sites . On the way to the abbey a path led next to a long pond, with some magnificant grounds behind, the pond was full of huge fish and was teaming and buzzing with life.

Whatever would be found from here on wouldnt matter we had already made our time back! On inspection of the Abbey I thought I would do some free dowsing which gave me some odd results, led me round in an almost circlular route. I decided to abbandon this technique for a meore methodical one, I found the old site of the church, and dowsed in rectangles marking any edges of lines, I ended up with a band about 12 paces wide which came to an end at the alter. Below is the tree, the walking pole marks the center and Fae and Louise mark the edges.

During my dowsing Fae had found a really old and interesting looking tree. I decided to dowse at right angles from the line I had discovered to the edge of the tree, funnily enough I found two lines crossing Near to the alter, a node: near but not at the marking of the high altar. The other line which was about the same width passed straight through the tree.

I inspected the tree, It had in fact grown on top of a ruined wall, and was very unique. I can not explain the feeling I get with trees but this one definitely had some character, the line had passed through it and I noticed in the branches at least 4 round recesses which I find to be common in trees exposed to Earth energy, Tree cancer some refer to it as.

On our way back I dowsed the energy at the point of it crossing the pond, it was abundant with lilly pads and nature.We spent a short while admiring the beauty, soaking up the nature.... The energy line travelled across here into the manor grounds...

I marked out the rest of the currents using hay from the field showerd Fae, took some photos and compass bearings for the map then we went off to explore the well. Below are the two lines found (note) it is very possible there are many other lines here, this is just what I found on the day in question

I did not pick anythin up in front of the cave and there seemed no other access, but the surroundings seemed mystical, I was however very tired and decided to leave the dowsing for another day!


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