Friday, 12 August 2011

St Catherines Hill

For the second time I visited St Catherines hill, a hill with a ruin of a chapel on top of it. The chapel was a pilgrimage stop, the site of a fair and part of the St Martha Dragon.

I decided to visit the spring at the back of the hill...

After a refreshing drink, I did find a line passing through about 20 paces it was but the chance to track the line would be difficult due to the lack of access.

This spot was indeed beautiful...But I had work to do so I went to the top of the hill To dowse. I dowsed two lines originally, this time I dowsed a further two.

One of the lines passes through this tree, with extra branches above ground, which is a common feature amoung trees on energy lines.

The final line passed near to the tree. Underneath the hill was a train line, and every 15 mins or so the ground rumbled as a train passed through

. Under the hill allegedley was quarried in the 1700's, and there were maybe up to seven springs at one time.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Symbolism at sacred Sites

Many Tracks and ancient pathways are often made conjunctive to ley lines or alignments, This in my opinion is primarily due to pilgrimage and our need to worship at different sites. I do not follow a particular faith but understand that throughout our history each faith has built sites upon the same underlying forces, the buildings often hold clues ,and through history one is able to see a pattern shared by each of the eras, saxon, norman, or gothic, tracked back to ancient times. The Gods change names but in essence are the same, even after a bloody christian changeover where everything previously worshipped was defined as heresy, symbolism can be found involving saints attacking serpents, implying the animal was somehow evil. Previous to this the serpent was considered a holy creature, and when one considers the energy lines which snake in and out coupled with serpent symbolism found at countless sites where earth energy lines are present, this symbol becomes understood.

The St Michael and Mary energy lines house a long list of monuments, megaliths and places of worship that hold many insights into our culture.

A serpent marks the flow at Bury St Edmunds.

 At Royston there is a small bell cut chamber carved beneath the busy streets above. It was used as an Templar meeting place, there are some interesting christian and pagan carvings cut into the chalk. There is an energy node here.

In cornwall a man called Daniel Gumb built a house out of the rocks, and lived there with his family, this diagram is sacred geometry and is carved on the roof to his house.

The ancients, knights Templars, Normans, Anglo saxons, and other individuals in more recent times all seemed to have some basic grasp of the forces unknown to many now. These locations had some significance... I was detirmined to find out what....

An Introduction To Earth Energy / Ley lines

The first thing I learnt about dowsing is like any natural science, it is vast and there is a whole world of invisible things each with different properties, shapes and so forth.

The second thing I learnt about dowsing, is the terminology which again is vast. To truly understand something we must be able to understand its place within everything else, by understanding its difference / s to the others, The main factors of difference are termed, thus the names for each phenomina vary.

The famous St Michael ley line alignment

I understood a ley line to be a straight line of 4 or more sites, But when I read "The sun and the sepent" by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst, they realised like nature the earth energy curves over the landscape. Now when I say earth energy, this is the term used to describe what is an invisible band of substance where magnetic readings are distorted, often found at between 10 and 30 paces, but I believe thay can be found at any width, the largest I have heard of is over 100 paces, but the lines they measured were up to 30 paces wide although the width varies, the height of this energy projects vertically, and has been detected at fly level .  These energy lines often travel in pairs and one feels Positive, or Masculine, like the sun and the other was negative, female, and like the moon. At very sacred sites the energy would meet, form what is called a node, then separate. This was described as the Earths natural forces mating, and at these places where this was occurring pilgrims would flock to pay homeage, and perhaps become healed by the spring water which can be found at sacred sites. It makes sense that the places that have different attributes, are used for a purpose, and this is also the reason places of worship are built upon them

The male and female energy alignments
So there I had it... A ley line was a straight line linking four or more ancient sites together, an energy line could be straight or curved but was a more natural representation of the forces at work...

Since I learned this I decided for me the Energy lines seemed to be what was important, and I decided I would study these in detail.


Dowsing in the woods

I took my dowsing rods to the woods, to hunt for energy lines... a week later and I am still hunting for energy lines. The difficult thing about tracking the energy lines that weathe in and around the alignments is their unpredictable nature, and plotting this... GPS is out of the question so its back to maps and diagrams, drawings and sketches...

 Quite often I freestyle with my rods, and I end up at strange locations, I suspect If I also did not use my rods I would do the same, being drawn to these sites is a deeply intuitive art which we have far less practice in nowadays...

On this particular day I found myself at a tumuli, on the edge of the woods near St Martha's hill... through a clearing I stumbled upon this, it felt that noone had been here for some time. This place felt truly enchanted, I picked up energy all over the place, what seemed to be four smallish lines. I had never come accross this much energy in a small area, but it would seem the woods were full of energy which would be great.

It looks like a creepy place, in truth it was peacefull and I have spent many hours mapping the energy.

I found myself led to this area, this sand pit has had ancient finds in it and this small area contains a huge round barrow, mis-shaped by the road. I drew in the sand a rough sketch of the line and its curve of 90 degrees (it continues round to the left of the shot). I followed it through the woods where is seemed to be engulfing the bed of the wood. I dowsed the line at 45 paces, which I thought was huge. I later realised there were two smaller lines which I now wasnt sure went through the tumuli.

Then two days later I realised There were at least fout lines in this area, I drew a map

There seemed to be many more lines, the more time I was spending there, also this made me become more accurate. I realised I would have to build in asking for a minimum width in my questions.

Over time I dowsed the lines through the wood, where they seemed to be heading towards St Martha, I was excited!

I dowsed the energy as it went up the the steep bank, It changed angle slightly and at the top it went back to its original course. This was interesting and I could not explain this but I did have a theory, but at this point It was just a theory.... I would have to test!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Waverley Abbey

Waverley Abbey


This was my first trip to the Abbey...
On my map, I had noticed Waverly abbey a while ago. A significant ruin held by English Heritage, it didnt match up with any previously plotted energy lines, but in close proximaty to a holy well, which ran from a cave so it seemed like a good place to dowse. We decided to go to the abbey first as we had absolutely no idea where the well was only that it was close so we would have unbiased results, if the energy shared both sites . On the way to the abbey a path led next to a long pond, with some magnificant grounds behind, the pond was full of huge fish and was teaming and buzzing with life.

Whatever would be found from here on wouldnt matter we had already made our time back! On inspection of the Abbey I thought I would do some free dowsing which gave me some odd results, led me round in an almost circlular route. I decided to abbandon this technique for a meore methodical one, I found the old site of the church, and dowsed in rectangles marking any edges of lines, I ended up with a band about 12 paces wide which came to an end at the alter. Below is the tree, the walking pole marks the center and Fae and Louise mark the edges.

During my dowsing Fae had found a really old and interesting looking tree. I decided to dowse at right angles from the line I had discovered to the edge of the tree, funnily enough I found two lines crossing Near to the alter, a node: near but not at the marking of the high altar. The other line which was about the same width passed straight through the tree.

I inspected the tree, It had in fact grown on top of a ruined wall, and was very unique. I can not explain the feeling I get with trees but this one definitely had some character, the line had passed through it and I noticed in the branches at least 4 round recesses which I find to be common in trees exposed to Earth energy, Tree cancer some refer to it as.

On our way back I dowsed the energy at the point of it crossing the pond, it was abundant with lilly pads and nature.We spent a short while admiring the beauty, soaking up the nature.... The energy line travelled across here into the manor grounds...

I marked out the rest of the currents using hay from the field showerd Fae, took some photos and compass bearings for the map then we went off to explore the well. Below are the two lines found (note) it is very possible there are many other lines here, this is just what I found on the day in question

I did not pick anythin up in front of the cave and there seemed no other access, but the surroundings seemed mystical, I was however very tired and decided to leave the dowsing for another day!


A beginners insight into Dowsing

"The excitement of going out and finding something, then ending up with a map for me is double romantisim!"

I find often when speaking in response I follow one of two mindsets, the one which responds with a mystical answer, perhaps a question in response to a question said with controlled deliverance and a mindfull smile. Or the other one, the mindset which follows what one needs to do and by what time, this must mean that because this happened after that... One could most certainly say that the challenge to dowse successfully is being able to switch from the latter to the former...

My beliefs and spiritual influence originate from Japan, a beautiful culture slowly clouded in more recent years in comparison to the "golden" Heian era. This has helped me as learning to become more mindful taps into the Dowsing area of the brain, the left side which area we have been taught to ignore. I look back now and remember my first series of meditations and the abilty to think clearly, almost seeing from outside. I would now spend significant time in this alternate way of thinking, liberated to have absolute faith outside of the contraints of modern life. With this came the knowledge which would increase, I would learn internally (intuitively) then read a book and learn externally, the two complimenting each other. Learning is a ladder, with each step comes fulfilment and also curiosity which drives the push to the next step. Dowsing is a great art to learn because it relies on faith, and much of the challenge to get those rods to move lies on the abilty to believe.

On the flip side I find I have always been very doubtfull of dowsing myself, even now in the occassional mindset, because it didnt fit in to my normal routine, it didnt fit into my thought process. Whether we like to admit it or not, we are influenced, at this moment of time we are influenced by the media, advertising, social trends, what others say and probably many things which would make the blood turn black! How much of this is natural, or beyond our creation, and how much of it accepts knowledge or science which is non supportive of "our creations". It needs to be supportive of the "important things" in our society, like money, sport and current affairs. Incidently, in order for the system to function, people should be led in the affairs that are "important", to publisise anything outside of this is seen almost as an attack, and the moderaters and censors are put in place to protect this, unfortunatly it is just the way that it is.

I have learnt to utilise "doubt" to my advantage, I often find myself testing my dowsing. I try to dowse methodically not observing results until the practical has been completed (as far as possible). I revisit and check, on a different day / time, and check if my hypothesis was correct. Often I am confused, things not making sense which seems amusing somehow. Then later on things unravel, we climb the ladder, the penny drops. The Earth has this unique abilty to keep on suprising us, and isnt it wonderful!

I was taught fear is a tool as are all emotions, we have a responsibility to harness these in the correct way with tolerance. The gift of thought can easily result in euphoric like states, and a whole new perception, once one understands how to engage this process.  I now doubt far less and the doubts that are left only help me to become better, the technique becomes more refined, the accuracy is needle-like, and one can become closer to the source.

Modern life has an effect on our race, time has become our enemy. The ancients would live in harmony with their environment, knowing that time was important they constructed temples designed to be functional for thousands of years, they understood time and had a great deal of respect for it. They knew of nature through doing, observing, aiding. Today, the average person has little scope, we are generally taught the same things, a poor standard of knowledge really. We run on strict timelines, and our focus is in the world we create, occaisonally stopping to watch a sunrise or a weekend in the lakes, the knowledge, the real knowledge is still out there, which makes all this so much more exciting...