Monday, 8 August 2011

A beginners insight into Dowsing

"The excitement of going out and finding something, then ending up with a map for me is double romantisim!"

I find often when speaking in response I follow one of two mindsets, the one which responds with a mystical answer, perhaps a question in response to a question said with controlled deliverance and a mindfull smile. Or the other one, the mindset which follows what one needs to do and by what time, this must mean that because this happened after that... One could most certainly say that the challenge to dowse successfully is being able to switch from the latter to the former...

My beliefs and spiritual influence originate from Japan, a beautiful culture slowly clouded in more recent years in comparison to the "golden" Heian era. This has helped me as learning to become more mindful taps into the Dowsing area of the brain, the left side which area we have been taught to ignore. I look back now and remember my first series of meditations and the abilty to think clearly, almost seeing from outside. I would now spend significant time in this alternate way of thinking, liberated to have absolute faith outside of the contraints of modern life. With this came the knowledge which would increase, I would learn internally (intuitively) then read a book and learn externally, the two complimenting each other. Learning is a ladder, with each step comes fulfilment and also curiosity which drives the push to the next step. Dowsing is a great art to learn because it relies on faith, and much of the challenge to get those rods to move lies on the abilty to believe.

On the flip side I find I have always been very doubtfull of dowsing myself, even now in the occassional mindset, because it didnt fit in to my normal routine, it didnt fit into my thought process. Whether we like to admit it or not, we are influenced, at this moment of time we are influenced by the media, advertising, social trends, what others say and probably many things which would make the blood turn black! How much of this is natural, or beyond our creation, and how much of it accepts knowledge or science which is non supportive of "our creations". It needs to be supportive of the "important things" in our society, like money, sport and current affairs. Incidently, in order for the system to function, people should be led in the affairs that are "important", to publisise anything outside of this is seen almost as an attack, and the moderaters and censors are put in place to protect this, unfortunatly it is just the way that it is.

I have learnt to utilise "doubt" to my advantage, I often find myself testing my dowsing. I try to dowse methodically not observing results until the practical has been completed (as far as possible). I revisit and check, on a different day / time, and check if my hypothesis was correct. Often I am confused, things not making sense which seems amusing somehow. Then later on things unravel, we climb the ladder, the penny drops. The Earth has this unique abilty to keep on suprising us, and isnt it wonderful!

I was taught fear is a tool as are all emotions, we have a responsibility to harness these in the correct way with tolerance. The gift of thought can easily result in euphoric like states, and a whole new perception, once one understands how to engage this process.  I now doubt far less and the doubts that are left only help me to become better, the technique becomes more refined, the accuracy is needle-like, and one can become closer to the source.

Modern life has an effect on our race, time has become our enemy. The ancients would live in harmony with their environment, knowing that time was important they constructed temples designed to be functional for thousands of years, they understood time and had a great deal of respect for it. They knew of nature through doing, observing, aiding. Today, the average person has little scope, we are generally taught the same things, a poor standard of knowledge really. We run on strict timelines, and our focus is in the world we create, occaisonally stopping to watch a sunrise or a weekend in the lakes, the knowledge, the real knowledge is still out there, which makes all this so much more exciting...


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