Friday, 12 August 2011

St Catherines Hill

For the second time I visited St Catherines hill, a hill with a ruin of a chapel on top of it. The chapel was a pilgrimage stop, the site of a fair and part of the St Martha Dragon.

I decided to visit the spring at the back of the hill...

After a refreshing drink, I did find a line passing through about 20 paces it was but the chance to track the line would be difficult due to the lack of access.

This spot was indeed beautiful...But I had work to do so I went to the top of the hill To dowse. I dowsed two lines originally, this time I dowsed a further two.

One of the lines passes through this tree, with extra branches above ground, which is a common feature amoung trees on energy lines.

The final line passed near to the tree. Underneath the hill was a train line, and every 15 mins or so the ground rumbled as a train passed through

. Under the hill allegedley was quarried in the 1700's, and there were maybe up to seven springs at one time.

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