Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Dowsing in the woods

I took my dowsing rods to the woods, to hunt for energy lines... a week later and I am still hunting for energy lines. The difficult thing about tracking the energy lines that weathe in and around the alignments is their unpredictable nature, and plotting this... GPS is out of the question so its back to maps and diagrams, drawings and sketches...

 Quite often I freestyle with my rods, and I end up at strange locations, I suspect If I also did not use my rods I would do the same, being drawn to these sites is a deeply intuitive art which we have far less practice in nowadays...

On this particular day I found myself at a tumuli, on the edge of the woods near St Martha's hill... through a clearing I stumbled upon this, it felt that noone had been here for some time. This place felt truly enchanted, I picked up energy all over the place, what seemed to be four smallish lines. I had never come accross this much energy in a small area, but it would seem the woods were full of energy which would be great.

It looks like a creepy place, in truth it was peacefull and I have spent many hours mapping the energy.

I found myself led to this area, this sand pit has had ancient finds in it and this small area contains a huge round barrow, mis-shaped by the road. I drew in the sand a rough sketch of the line and its curve of 90 degrees (it continues round to the left of the shot). I followed it through the woods where is seemed to be engulfing the bed of the wood. I dowsed the line at 45 paces, which I thought was huge. I later realised there were two smaller lines which I now wasnt sure went through the tumuli.

Then two days later I realised There were at least fout lines in this area, I drew a map

There seemed to be many more lines, the more time I was spending there, also this made me become more accurate. I realised I would have to build in asking for a minimum width in my questions.

Over time I dowsed the lines through the wood, where they seemed to be heading towards St Martha, I was excited!

I dowsed the energy as it went up the the steep bank, It changed angle slightly and at the top it went back to its original course. This was interesting and I could not explain this but I did have a theory, but at this point It was just a theory.... I would have to test!

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