Wednesday, 10 August 2011

An Introduction To Earth Energy / Ley lines

The first thing I learnt about dowsing is like any natural science, it is vast and there is a whole world of invisible things each with different properties, shapes and so forth.

The second thing I learnt about dowsing, is the terminology which again is vast. To truly understand something we must be able to understand its place within everything else, by understanding its difference / s to the others, The main factors of difference are termed, thus the names for each phenomina vary.

The famous St Michael ley line alignment

I understood a ley line to be a straight line of 4 or more sites, But when I read "The sun and the sepent" by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst, they realised like nature the earth energy curves over the landscape. Now when I say earth energy, this is the term used to describe what is an invisible band of substance where magnetic readings are distorted, often found at between 10 and 30 paces, but I believe thay can be found at any width, the largest I have heard of is over 100 paces, but the lines they measured were up to 30 paces wide although the width varies, the height of this energy projects vertically, and has been detected at fly level .  These energy lines often travel in pairs and one feels Positive, or Masculine, like the sun and the other was negative, female, and like the moon. At very sacred sites the energy would meet, form what is called a node, then separate. This was described as the Earths natural forces mating, and at these places where this was occurring pilgrims would flock to pay homeage, and perhaps become healed by the spring water which can be found at sacred sites. It makes sense that the places that have different attributes, are used for a purpose, and this is also the reason places of worship are built upon them

The male and female energy alignments
So there I had it... A ley line was a straight line linking four or more ancient sites together, an energy line could be straight or curved but was a more natural representation of the forces at work...

Since I learned this I decided for me the Energy lines seemed to be what was important, and I decided I would study these in detail.


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